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What questions related to the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) or the Fires Chapter of AUSA do you have that we can answer? Contact Pat Hollis by email at hollisp@cableone.net.

1 When was AUSA national started—I heard the Army’s professional organization was started from the US Army Field Artillery Association?
You are correct—in part. In the late 1940s, there was a movement within the Army to merge branch associations to form an “All-Army” association and publish a single ground combat journal—now known as AUSA’s Army magazine. The Field Artillery and Infantry Associations merged staffs and financial support to form AUSA, which published its first magazine, then called the Combat Forces Journal (CFJ), in August 1950. CFJ’s logo carried the subtitles Field Artillery Journal and Infantry Journal and was presented as a continuation of those publications until the subtitles were dropped in 1954 when the magazine became Army. In the early 1970s, after AUSA’s membership was strong and truly All-Army, the Field Artillery reestablished its professional association and began republishing the Field Artillery Journal. (Sources: “History of the Field Artillery Magazine: Pointing a Way to the Future,” by Major General David T. Zabecki and Patrecia Slayden Hollis, March-April 2007, Field Artillery, online at http://sill-www.army.mil/famag)

2 The Field Artillery with its home at Fort Sill has been a strong supporter of national AUSA—what part has it played?
Throughout AUSA’s history, Field Artillerymen have been strong supporters of the organization. Notably, the President of AUSA before General (Retired) Gordon S. Sullivan was a former Chief of Field Artillery and Commanding General of Fort Sill, General (Retired) Jack N. Merritt, who was the Chairman of the Board of the US Field Artillery Association. As another excellent example, for many years, AUSA has presented annual National Guard unit excellence awards named in honor of Field Artilleryman General Walter T. (Dutch) Kerwin, Jr., deceased in 2008.

3 Is the Fires Chapter of AUSA only for Field Artillerymen?
Not hardly. We also have an Infantryman (National Guard), Air Defender, local corporate executives and even an Armor spouse on our Executive Committee. This nonprofit 501(c)(3) professional organization includes everyone, military or civilian, who wants to support the Army as the world’s strongest landpower, Soldiers and their families in Southwest Oklahoma, and a strong Fires Center of Excellence at Fort Sill.

4 When was the Fires Chapter of AUSA established?
On 8 January 1957—seven years after AUSA national was established. The chapter was renamed on 6 September 2011 from "Lawton-Fort Sill AUSA Chapter" to "Fires Chapter of AUSA".